Whats Best For Your Print Job?

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When would Litho be used?

This method of printing is best suited for larger quantities of printed pages, such as books, magazines, catalogues etc.

An advantage of Offset litho is the ability to use spot (PANTONE) colours in the same way a process colour (CMYK) would be used. Spot colours are standardised, which ensures consistency.

Spot (PANTONE) colours are important for companies who want to ensure complete brand consistency on all their printed material, such as letterheads. Spot can also achieve colours that CMYK can’t, such as bright orange, fluorescent pink, gold etc.

Digital printers are unable to print spot colours and so the hues and tones of the inks will differ from printer to printer. Offset litho also offers a higher quality print and can print large areas of solid colour.

Man using print machine

In Summary

  • Cost effective at Large Quantities
  • Better Print Quality
  • Print on a large variety of stock
  • Print Spot (PANTONE) colours
  • Print large areas of solid colour

When would Digital be used?

Unlike Offset Litho, the digital process does not require the use of plates and so it offers an earlier and faster method of printing.

Although the cost per sheet is higher using digital, this price is offset by the cost saving of only producing the exact quantity required.

Digital Presses use CMYK toners, unlike Litho which uses wet ink, therefore, digital products do not need drying time and can be used instantly.

Quite often Digital presses have the ability to cut, collate, and bind too, saving huge amounts of time and effort.

Pre Press Process

In Summary

  • Cost effective at smaller quantities
  • CMYK Process Colours
  • Personalisation
  • Specialised choice of stock
  • Faster turnaround

In a nutshell, Litho Printing is more suitable for higher volume larger page extents and Digital Printing for shorter runs, quick turnaround which may include personalisation.