Order Processing

“The quality and service I have received from MBM over the many years of working with them has been second to none.

Even better is that this has been delivered at exceptional value and with outstanding reliability.”

– AYMES International

Order Processing

MBM order processing is transacted on a single, integrated system across multiple functional modules – specifically Works Order Processing (WOP), Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Purchase Order Processing (POP).

Each step of the order process is controlled and monitored through our customer service, planning and production teams via our ERP system. The processing of orders follows the rules defined within our stringent documented quality procedures.

Customer Service

On receipt of a customer purchase order, the MBM customer services team will create or query a part number from the ‘Partmaster’ module of EFACS which contains comprehensive part specification and production routing details. This core data is the foundation of subsequent sales, purchase and production processes. The SOP process normally begins with the creation of a sales order which will hold the specific part, due date, quantity, customer address and pricing data. This sales order requirement then contributes to an overall MRP demand, possibly via Bill of Materials linking, to generate appropriate internal works orders (WOP) and supplier purchases (POP) where MBM stock and order position are not at levels to meet the new demand. Production orders will immediately appear within our planning module, with the part routing defining individual machine resource requirements – predetermined machine speeds and set up times allow a quick response to our clients with respect to the expected delivery date of the order. Similarly, our internal production procedure treats each department as the customer of the previous department in the overall process with the expected start and finish dates for each step of the production route.

MBM operate shop floor data collection allowing monitoring of order progress, with the order status being made visible to the client at a level of detail appropriate to individual customer preference. In addition, these shop floor entries allow cost monitoring against the job to ensure the production process is aligned with estimated expectations. On completion or partial completion of the job, a WO booking is made which simultaneously updates stock while down dating the Work in Progress (WIP) balance. The PO receipt process works in exactly the same way for receipts of stock items, with update of stock and down date of PO balance at the point of receipt. Additionally, the receipt generates a GRN record to the MBM financial team to flag supplier payment.

All order transactions impact MRP real time, supporting a speedy response time from MBM to our customers as is expected in the modern market. The manual entry of these various order types can be automated/minimised dependent on the business model and method of customer demand requirement receipt.

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