“We are in business with MBM since Nov 2017.  Every day since, we saw a transparent way of working and a hands-on attitude.

MBM is flexible, open to process change requests and eager to do what the customer needs done.”

– Toyota Motor Europe

Lithographic Printing

MBM is proud to be a leading provider of lithographic print – we produce quality printed paper and board products over an extensive portfolio of formats to many high profile brands with excellence as standard. Guaranteed. Operating both sheet-fed and web-fed offset litho presses, we provide a versatile and efficient service printing from 1 to 8 colours and offer the full complement of binding and finishing options to suit your projects.

Working to ISO colour standards, we achieve a visual match and consistency in both proof and print production and we set our standards to the very highest targets.

Litho Printing

About Litho Printing

Offset Litho is a method of printing at an industrial scale in which inks are transferred onto aluminium plates to make an impression.

The process:
1) All printed colour images are made up of primary colours: CYAN (blue) MAGENTA (red) YELLOW and the Key colour Black (CMYK). The design (artwork) is set-up on a computer and all the colours on the artwork are separated into CMYK and sent to the plate making facility.

2) The artwork, now split into 4 individual colours, are exposed just like a photograph onto photosensitive aluminium sheets, known as ‘Plates’.

3) The Plates are collected by the printer and inserted into the press by clipping onto a roller. Each plate is coated with its corresponding colour by a smaller ink roller. The coloured image is rolled or ‘offset’ onto a cylinder (blanket), which makes an impression on paper being fed through the press. As the paper moves through each set of rollers, the colours mix to create a full-colour image on the page.

4) The pages are guillotined and collated. They are then taken to the finishing department for binding, punching, numbering etc.

Each Colour = 1 Plate

When Would Litho Printing Be Used?

This method of printing is suitable for anything from leaflets to larger quantities
such as books, magazines & catalogues.

Just Cool Brochure
HD Book