“We are in business with MBM since Nov 2017.  Every day since, we saw a transparent way of working and a hands-on attitude.

MBM is flexible, open to process change requests and eager to do what the customer needs done.”

– Toyota Motor Europe

Kitting & Fulfilment

The consolidation area of the business offers a variety of services from CD kitting, hand assembly and kitted documentation on our 3 automated assembly lines. The assembly lines can accommodate long and short run lengths with an infinite number of components which are gathered by a mixture of stream feeders and suction feeders, larger kits with multiple components are gathered in several passes and are only restricted by the finished size of the pack.

Each assembly line is equipped with bar code verification and weight checking facilities to guarantee the integrity of each kit. Our CD kitting line has a unique camera system that reads each individual CD (from initial coding setup) to differentiate a mixed or incorrectly coded CD within any given run.

Work Flow
Toyota Booklets
Packaging process